UnaliWear Kanega Security Watch

UnaliWear Kanega Security Watch

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The UnaliWear Kanega Security Watch

The UnaliWear Kanega Watch is a waterproof, impact-proof GPS tracker for seniors. This device offers the unique feature of being able to hook up to a hearing aid, and the Kanega Watch detects falls and will send an alert to medication management if detected.

Crucially, the Kanega watch is a standalone device and does not need a smartphone to work. This untethered approach boosts potential applications, since many seniors do not own or want to have a smartphone on their person. The Kanega Watch also doesn’t have a single button on it; everything is controlled by voice.

Another useful feature is on-call emergency assistance. This voice-activated feature will connect the wearer to a trained operator who can coordinate medical assistance if needed, which could prove it be a life-saver in the event of an emergency.