Health Management Examples

Health Management Examples

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Use Smart Products to help manage your health:

Smart products can be extremely helpful to keep you healthy and quickly and easily monitor your health.

You can use a Fitbit Wrist monitor to manage your health and track you daily exercise.  Click Here to learn more about how a Fitbit can be helpful to you.

Weight Gurus to help manage your weight by regularly checking your weight and other body mass indicators with their Smart Scale product.  Click Here to learn more about Weight Gurus automated scales.

Use a Portable Blood Pressure Cuff to track your Blood Pressure on a regular basis. Click Here to learn how easy it can be to monitor your Blood Pressure in the comfort of your own home.

Dispensing medication can be confusing and time consuming.  Using an automated Medication Dispenser can make this part of your life easy and convenient.  Get exact dosages right every time and be reminded when it is time to take each of your medications.   Click Here to learn more about automated medication dispensers.

Seizures can now be monitored by body sensors that are worn to give medical data on the seizure activity as well as give you an indication of possible seizure activity. Use the Seizure Monitor by Empatica to monitor seizure activity. Click Here to learn more about the Empatica Seizure Monitor.