We're proud to be able to offer grants for people to access enabling technology.  We believe that a small amount of funding should not prevent a person from having more independence!  Grant money comes from organizations and individuals who have donated funds and we keep a public ledger so that everything is transparent.  

The criteria to receive grant money are:

  1. The person receiving the enabling technology has an intellectual or developmental disability.
  2. The person resides in Ontario, Canada.
  3. The person can not afford the technology on their own and has no alternate way of accessing funding for this technology. 
  4. The application must be submitted by a non-profit community group who knows the person applying, who can speak to their needs, and who is willing to accept the transfer of funds on the person's behalf.  

Applications are currently being accepted.  Click here

Click here for the public ledger.

Click here to contribute to the available grant money.