geeni - Smart Home Power

geeni - Smart Home Power

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geeni - Smart Home Power


Plug and Go
Easily connect and manage your newly converted smart devices. Quickly check-in to make sure you’ve turned on or off devices whenever needed. Add convenience and automation to many of your household appliances.

Remote Control Anywhere
With the power of Geeni, be able to control any device plugged into the outlet. Create a schedule for appliances to turn them on and off from anywhere. The app allows you to monitor all of your smart plugs.

Track your Energy
The smart plugs by Geeni were designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Enhance your home by adding smart features to any device. Effectively manage and reduce your household energy consumption.

Power your Home
Geeni places the power of your small appliances in your hands. Use Geeni’s smart plugs to power your coffee machine, humidifier, space heater, fan, charging port, and other devices. Connect your appliances at home to make life around home easier.