Use of Technology for Individuals Visually Impaired

Technology for People Who Have a Visual Impairment

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Use of Technology for those with a Visual Impairment

There are a number of technological devices now available to individuals with visual impairments.

Reading Pens and Mobile Translators can scan written text and read the content out loud. Click here to learn more about how a scanning pen can read aloud text.

Wearable devices can read text back to a person and can also be used for facial recognition of others close by.  Click here to see how devices that you can wear can aid you with reading text and signs as well as reading a persons facial expressions that you are conversing with.

Smart Phone Apps can assist a person by reading scanned text. Smart Phones can also read aloud texts and voicemail messages.  Click here to learn how to use Smart phones and some Apps to assist in scanning written text and reading it back to you.

Smart Wrist Watches are available that can tell audible time and read received emails back to the person, among other features.  Click here to learn how Smart Wrist Watches can do these tasks for you easily.