People Using a Wheelchair

People Using a Wheelchair

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Use some of this technology to assist a Person using a wheelchair.

Use a Key FOB Lock for access to your home.  A Key FOB can be much more easily used to unlock house doors than is possible with a key.  For anyone with motor skill issues a Key FOB can greatly simply your life.  Click Here to learn more about Key FOB's and how they work.

Use a Smart Assistant like Alexa Centrally Located in your home to allow anyone with mobility issues to use their home phone all by voice commands. A Smart Assistant can answer questions, make telephone calls and send texts and emails all by voice.  Click Here to learn how Smart Assistants such as Alexa can make many daily tasks much easier for anyone with mobility issues.

Use Smart Light Switches to be able to turn on and off lighting in your home by voice commands making it much easier for anyone with limited mobility to control lights and other electronic devices in their household.  Click Here to learn how these smart products can allow you to control your home much more easily.