Monitoring Safety and Security

Monitoring Safety and Security

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Monitoring Safety and Security

You can use Smart Home Products to improve Safety and Security around your home. 

Use Smart Web Cameras like Nest Smart Web Cameras to provide you with full time round the clock monitoring of either the outside of your home for security purposes or inside you home to possibly allow family or a trusted supporter to check in on you throughout the day without having to be physically present to do so. Click Here to learn how Smart Web Cameras can assist you.

To easily see who is knocking on your front door from the comfort of your home use a Smart Doorbell product such as the Nest Video Door Bell Click Here to learn how these unique security products can assist you daily.

After you know who is at your front door you can use a Smart Lock product such as the Yale Smart Door Lock to allow you to unlock the door remotely for welcomed guests.  Click Here to learn how these products can make your home more secure.

To secure you home from break ins use Smart Home Security Sensors on Doors and Windows.  Click Here to see how easy these sensors are to install and use to inexpensively secure your home.

For anyone living alone where Stove Safety and Security is an issue you can use a product such as the Guard Stove Stove Safety Device.  It can allow a trusted supporter to monitor your stove remotely and will automatically shut off your stove should you forget about something on the stove and walk away from it for longer than an outlined time period.  It can even contact family members and supporters to let them know that the stove was left on and unattended.  Click Here to see how Guard Stove can make your home safer.

The use of video chat Apps such as Apple's Face Time App used with iPhones and iPads can allow you the security of having face to face conversations with family, friends and trusted supporters who might not always be able to be around in person.  Click Here to see how Face Time can improve your daily communications.