Having a Support Team in your Home

Having a Support Team in your Home

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Smart Products can be utilized to assist communications with your support team as well as make it easier for supporters to aid a person without always having to be physically present to help you.  This can give you much greater independence and privacy all while having the level of support that you require.

You can use a Smart Lock to allow a trusted supporter easy access into your home on your terms.  Click Here to learn more about how to use Smart Locks in your home.

A supporter can assist you with monitoring and setting heating and cooling levels in your home, even if they are not with you. Click Here to see how a Smart Thermostat in your home can allow you to make easy changes to your environment through voice command or allow a supporter to make changes easily for you even if they are not with you in your home.

Communication with your support team can be greatly increased with the use of an App such as Facetime for iPhone and iPad.  You can video chat with supporters easily and allow a supporter to communicate easily with you while not having to be physically present to do so.  Click Here to learn more about Facetime. Or use Smart Video Monitors to allow a trusted supporter to check in on you without having to stop by your home. Click Here to see how Smart Video Monitors can work for you also.

You can easily schedule supporters and track their hours and keep track of their time if you are paying them to work with you.  They can also electronically sign-in and sign-out.  Click Here to learn how a package such as Humanity Software can allow you to do all of that with your supporters.