Check-In Service & Responder App

Check-In Service & Responder App

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The SimplyHome Check-In Service and Responder App enables providers, families, and caregivers to streamline client care from any mobile device. Optimize schedules, assign tasks to caregivers, and foster accountability through time- and location-stamped documentation.

This service is designed to benefit every level of your organization, from management to direct support staff. Family caregivers can also utilize the app to coordinate responsibilities and multiple caregivers.

Key Features:

  • Manage and streamline client care in multiple locations
  • Intuitive, customizable check-in feature available via smartphone or tablet
  • Task management for caregiving teams
  • Proximity beacons verify location and time of caregiver visits
  • Information is stored securely in the cloud

Optimize Client Care

The Check-In Service and Responder App allow you to plan, accomplish, and verify schedules and tasks to empower individuals in a variety of supported living settings. The purpose of this app is to promote the independence of the individual, eliminating unnecessary staff visits for clients seeking greater independence and community integration.

Streamline Each Day

Choose how to start each day with a snapshot of your upcoming check-ins. Prioritize the check-ins that require your attention and respond accordingly.

The client's care team can access the web portal to see the in-depth history of each scheduled check-in, update timeframes, and control who is receiving alerts. Authorized staff can track trends over time to make sure that each individual is receiving the appropriate amount of support.

Cultivate Accountability

The Check-In Service verifies the time and date of the staff or caregiver's visit. If the app is being used with Bluetooth beacons, it verifies the physical locatin of the visit. The app also enables caregivers to document the type of services provided.

The Check-In Service and Responder App enable providers to make sure that clients are receiving the support they need within an appropriate timeframe, enabling client independence, peace of mind for the client and family, and accountability within the entire caregiving team.