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More information here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/hearyounow-your-personal-sound/id569522474?mt=8

Many people have difficulties following and understanding conversations in situations like in a restaurant, in meetings, or just have a hard time understanding conversations in noisy daily life. 

The ExSilent HearYouNow app will help you understand conversations better.

ExSilent is a Dutch manufacturer of hearing aids, operating worldwide. The company’s goal is to lower the barrier for people who could use a hearing aid because of hearing loss, but who are not ready for one yet. 

The HearYouNow app is a free amplification tool that uses state of the art ExSilent technology. It is your personal sound amplifier. Adjust it to your personal needs! You will understand conversations better in situations such as:
•in a restaurant
•during a meeting
•at a (birthday) party
•watching television
•wherever and whenever you like to hear the sounds around you more clearly
In order for it to work properly, you will have to connect a headphone to the iPhone.

With this app it is possible to customize the sound performance depending on your specific needs. Some of the features and benefits are: 
•Extremely simple and intuitive interface
•High performance sound quality, using state of the art ExSilent filtering and amplification techniques
•The volume is adjustable per ear 
•The individual frequency sliders allow volume control for three frequency bands, tuned towards speech understanding
•With the feature “focus near/far” you can choose to focus on conversations held close by or further away
•With a simple button push, you can replay the last 20 seconds if you have missed part of a conversation

The HearYouNow app is only intended to help people in specific listening environments. Should you notice that you need this app very often to amplify conversations, we strongly recommend consulting a hearing professional.